Tournament rules


1. The football matches of the Tournament will be played on a standard size natural grass field according to the FIFA and UEFA rules. U12 and U13 play on half of the field

2. The football matches will be played according to the FIFA and UEFA rules

3. The teams participating in the Tournament will be divided into groups according to the age of players and play according to an all-against-all scheme

4. If there are many teams in an age group, they will be divided into more than one group. After the matches from all groups are played there will be semi-finals, a match for the 3rd and 4th place, and a final.

5. The winning team in the group phase matches receives three (3) points; in the event of a tie score the two teams receive one (1) point.

6. In determining the placing of the groups the following indicators will be taken into account shown in the order of significance:
- points received;
- result of the direct match between the teams with equal number of points;
- goal difference
- more goals scored
- less penalty cards (1 red card equals 2 yellow cards when determining this criterion)

7. In the event of an equal score in the regular time of the marches, 5 penalty kicks will be taken or, if necessary, more than 5 until there is a winner

8. An unlimited number of substitutions are permitted but only when the game is stopped. A substituted player may not reenter the game! Re-entering the game is permitted only in the mini-football tournaments!

9. A players who got a red card or 2 yellow cards will miss the next match

10. Duration of football matches:
- Two 35-minute half-times: U17
- Two 30-minute half-times:U15
- Two 25-minute half-times: U13 and U12

11. Number of field players in the age groups:

  • U12: 7 field players (6+1)
  • U13: 9 field players
  • U15 and U17:11 field players (10+1)

12. The tournament program will be completely finished and announced by the Organizational Committee at the technical conference on the day of arrival of the teams before the competitions begin. The tournament program will be complied with the number of participating teams in each age group. If there are many teams in an age group, lots will be drawn to divide them into more groups

13. If it is necessary to establish/prove the age of a player from any team, the team leader/coach/ must produce to the Organizational Committee a passport or birth certificate of that player. If the request is made by a team, such team will pay the Organizational Committee a fee of BGN twenty (BGN 20).

The Football Tournament program will be made in such a way that, if possible, every team should play between three (3) and five (5) matches during the tournament!

The Organizational Committee reserves its right to change the Football Tournament Rules but only in any extraordinary circumstances or with the agreement of the participating teams!

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