Tournament rules

1. The handball matches will be played in halls or on open-air courts

2. The matches will be played according to the IHF rules

3. The teams participating in the tournament will play according to the all-against-all scheme. If there are more than five (5) teams in an age group, they will be divided in two groups

4. The winning team of a match receives two (2) points and in the event of a tie – one (1) point

5. The team scoring the greatest number of points is the Tournament's winner

6. If teams are divided in two groups, after the group matches are played a winner is announced which will play with the winner of the other group for the Tournament's cup. The team scored the greatest number of points is the winner in its group

7. The teams placed second in their groups play against each other for the 3rd and 4th place

8. The placing of the other teams will be according to the scores received at that time according to the following criteria:
- more scored points in the group;
- better goal difference;
- more goals scored;
- less personal penalties;
- when determining the winner in the final matches for the 1-2 place and the 3-4 place, if there is a tie, 7-meter throws will be done

9. A player who got a red card for unsportsmanlike conduct will automatically be deprived of the right to play in the next match

10. An official who got a yellow card will be penalized with a warning and a penalty of BGN 50

11. An official who got 2-minute suspension will be penalized with a reprimand and a penalty of BGN 100

12. An official who got a red card is deprived of the right to lead their team in one match and is imposed a penalty of BGN 200

15. The teams must:
- Appear 30 min before the announced time of the match
- Wear two-color uniforms with numbers and balls for the play
- Not undertake any actions which could damage the facilities and equipment in the hall or the open-air courts
- To strive for the win meeting the requirements of the Handball Regulations

16. Default losses:
Default losses will be charged according to the Handball Rules in the following cases:
- If a team fails to appear within 15 minutes after the announced game time
- If a team appears with less than 5 people – waiting 15 minutes after the announced game time
- Refusal or inability to play a match because of a team
- Getting the team out of the court and refusing to continue within more than 2 minutes
- In a default loss the score is 0:10 and 0 points are awarded for the ranking

17. If during a match a team is left with less than two court players and a goalkeeper, a default loss is charged on that team for loss of the sportsmanlike nature of the game. The score will be 0:0 /if that team is leading in the score at that time/ or the existing score /if the opponent team is leading in the score with more than 10 goals). If the goal difference is less than 10 goals the winning team is added 10 goals to the goals scored by it up to that point.

18. Contestations:
Contestations will be accepted provided that the following is observed:
- Within one hour after the end of the match the complaint should be submitted in writing to the delegate of the tournament
- The complaint will be considered by the delegate of the tournament and the two referees. The decision is not subject to appeal
- Before the beginning of the match contestations are submitted with regard to any problems with the composition of the opponent team
- For each contestation submitted a fee of BGN 30 should be paid for its consideration
Contestations against the referees will not be accepted!

19. Administrative Matters
On the day preceding the beginning of the tournament a technical conference will be held where:
- representatives of the teams should produce team lists with the names of the players in the Roman alphabet, their dates of birth, the numbers they will play and the colors of the uniforms, as well as the names of the officials who are entitled to stand on the substitute's bench
- a team may not included in its team lists more than sixteen (16) players and more than four (4) officials entitled to stand on the substitute's bench
- lots are drawn and the tournament program is prepared
- Any manager of more than one team must provide an assistant /deputy/ in case of doubling during the matches

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