Tournament rules

1.The volleyball matches of the Tournament are held on a standard court of such size as provided for by FIVB

2.The volleyball matches are played according to the FIVB rules

3. National, regional, club and school teams can participate in the Tournament

4.The teams participating in the Tournament are divided into groups according to the age of players and play according to an all-against-all scheme

5.Two of three games are played with a Mikasa ball

6. When the score is 2:0 the winning team receives 3(three) points and the loosing team 0 (zero). When the score is 2:1 the winning team receives 2 (two) and the loosing team 1 (one).

7.In the event of a tie in points the games are taken into account first, if there is a tie again, the points are taken into account

8.The teams in the group which do not make it to the final four, take the relevant position in the final ranking depending on the points won in the group

9.If there are many teams in an age group, they will be divided into more than one group. They play according to an all-against-all scheme. The teams on the top position in the groups play for the first and second place. The teams in the second position in the groups play for the third and fourth place

10.If technically possible, matches will be played for a ranking after the fourth place. If not possible, the teams will be ranked according to the points won in the group phase

11.All teams must produce a team list and a certified medical examination at the technical conference

12.All teams must produce the passports of the players to the head referee before the beginning of the first match

13.The draw for the groups will be blind, not seeded

14.The Tournament Program will be made in such a way to guarantee at least (3) matches for each team

15.In case of a complaint, it must be submitted in writing, addressed to the head referee and accompanied by a fee of BGN 50. The decision will be given within two hours from the complaint submittal. If the complaint is reasonable, the fee will be refunded

The Organizational Committee reserves its right to change the Volleyball Tournament Rules but only in any extraordinary circumstances or with the agreement of the participating teams!

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