Tournament rules


1. The matches will be divided into four periods of ten (10) minutes, and the game clock will not be stopped /except during the game timeouts and the last one (1) minute of each period/

2. The duration of any extra time of a match is three (3) minutes; the break between the extra time and the fourth period and between the extra times (if any) of the same match is two (2) minutes

3. The break between the first and the second and between the third and the fourth period is two (2) minutes

4. The break between the first and the second halftime is five (5) minutes

5. The warm-up time before a match is fifteen (15) minutes

6. The teams written first in the program /the host teams/ play in light-color uniforms

7. The teams written first in the program /the host teams/ use the bench situated on the left side of secretary table overseeing the court

8. Five (5) minutes before the start of every match, the coaches must announce for the record the starting five players of their teams;
9. The game scheme of the Tournament will be determined by the head referee according to the number of teams that have applied:
А/ in groups B/„ all-against-all"
You will be informed of the game scheme of the tournament as laid down in A and B after the final application date
The matches will be played according to the official game rules of FIBA


1. The benches may be occupied only by:
- up to 12 players;
- up to three (3) managers, including a coach, an assistant coach and a leader;
They must be announced in advance and written down in the team list;

2.а/ For a technical foul of a player: a penalty of BGN 20;
b/ For a technical foul of a coach: a penalty of BGN 30;
c/ For a disqualifying foul of a player: BGN 40;
d/ For a disqualifying foul of a coach: BGN 60;

3. Any contestation may be submitted to the head referee of the Tournament within thirty (30) minutes after the end of the match and such contestation will be accepted for consideration together with a fee of BGN 50 paid thereto

4. The solving of any game-related matters as to the organization of the Tournament is within the competence of the head referee. All decisions taken in this regard are final

5. All sport and technical-related matters, including any contestations submitted by any teams, will be solved by a Jury d'Appel that will be selected on the technical conference and will have constantly active functions during the entire Tournament. The decisions taken by the Jury d'Appel are final

6. All sport and technical-related matters not mentioned in these Rules shall be resolved and the matches between the teams shall be held according to the Basketball Game Rules of FIBA

7. If it is necessary to establish/prove the age of a player from any team, the team leader/coach/ must produce to the Organizational Committee a passport or birth certificate of that player. If the request is made by a team, such team will pay the Organizational Committee a fee of BGN twenty (BGN 20).

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