• International youth volleyball tournament "Black sea"
    International youth volleyball tournament "Black sea" Winners don't wait for chances, they take them!

International youth volleyball tournament ''Black sea''


Dear friends of volleyball, welcome to the website of the "Black sea International Volleyball Tournament"! Crystal seawater, long beaches, sunny days, and unforgettable matches in one of the biggest youth tournaments in Bulgaria: this is Black sea'2024 (August 18-24), a cross-point of volleyball talents from all over Europe and Asia. For 17 years this big sport forum has gathered hundreds of young people in the town of Primorsko giving them the chance to gain experience and to select and make good international contacts. From Finland to Turkmenistan the friends of the Black sea Tournament are getting more and more, expanding the horizon for the youth volleyball in Eastern Europe.

If fighting for medals runs in your blood and sunny beaches lay in your heart, you can become part of the big family of Primorsko Sports Tournaments!

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1. Russia
Russia flag 688
2. Ukraine
Ukraine flag 67
3. Belarus
Belarus flag 56
4. Bulgaria
Bulgaria flag 946
5. Greece
Greece flag 174
6. Latvia
Latvia flag 208
7. Serbia
Serbia flag 170
8. Estonia
Estonia flag 124
9. Hungary
Hungary flag 176
10. Turkey
Turkey flag 207
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